N°24 Pine

Flower of forgiveness

Liquid drops with original flower essence Agrimony by Dr. Bach
I breathe deeply, stand up straight and feel strong.

Leave the burn-out and lack of energy behind
and find new strength for body, mind and soul.
Associated zodiac sign
Scorpio (24.10. – 22.11.) 
Emotional group (code VI)
Despondency and despair


Content: 20ml

Self-criticism, feelings of guilt and a bad conscience are constant companions of this character type.

The personality concerned constantly reproaches himself for something. Accompanied by the feeling of having done wrong, he feels the urge to explain himself constantly.

Even though others think everything is fine, this character type finds misconduct in his actions.

If something has indeed gone wrong, he blames himself out of reflex and accepts all responsibility.

Sustaining his position is difficult for this personality. He always feels like being in the way, being wrong or to affronting his fellow men.

This is how the flower helps

The pine restores the self-esteem. Self-reproaches become more silent, feelings of guilt are kept down.

Recommended consumption: Take three to four drops with a glass of water in sips or undiluted directly onto the tongue.

Ingredients: Brandy* (27% Vol.), water, original Bach Flower essence

*from certified organic farming

Nutrition table:

Nutritionper 100 g
Energy468,8 kJ / 112 kcal