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Send your referral code to your friends and you’ll both receive a reward.

1. Share with friends

Share your referral code with your friends via Email, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

2. Your friends download our app and register

Your friends will need to enter the referral code while registering for our app.



3. Your friends purchase a product

Your friends will automatically receive a reward on their first purchase – and additionally, you will receive the same reward too. You can collect all your rewards and use them for your future purchases.



Rewards are assigned after successful purchase from a new customer. The amount is 2 Euros for the new customer and 2 Euros for the referrer. The credits can be used in the checkout for every order. The credits expire after 12 months.

It’s really easy: You only have to send your individual promo code to your friends and relatives in the app’s settings. When they register and purchase in our app, you will automatically receive a credit of EUR 2.00 per new customer. You can use this amount with your next order or just collect it until you can pay for a bigger order with it.