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N°14: heather

Heather - Empowering phrase

I am compassionate, I give attention to others and receive attention.


Leave an insatiable hunger for recognition and a fixation on yourself behind and find humility and sensitive openness towards others.

This person revolves around himself just like the earth circles the sun.

Characters concerned are convinced that nothing is more important than themselves. They always long to be the center of attention and do not let others get a word in edgeways. Quite often, they paint an idealized picture of themselves to obtain admiration and love.

The obsession with themselves further manifests itself in that they attach far too much importance to their own problems. Thus, the craving for recognition easily turns into self-pity.

Characters in this state do not only want to participate in everything, they want to be the center of the action and the general attention.

This flower is assigned to the emotional group “Loneliness”.

This is how the flower helps

Thanks to the heather, fellow men are no longer only perceived as audience. The character concerned learns to detach himself from his problems and his inflated need for recognition and to reach out to others.

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