Pastilles Soother

Pastille composition with the original Bach Flower Remedies of Dr. Bach The selected remedies are particularly suitable for helping children through life’s little ups and downs. The Original Composition contains the 4 Bach flowers:
Star of Bethlehem Flower of inner peace Mehr erfahren
Larch Flower of self-assurance Mehr erfahren
Mimulus Flower of Courage Mehr erfahren
Aspen Flower of life Mehr erfahren
Vegan; taste: cherry plum; content: 50g (ca. 40 pieces)

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Essences from the following flowers, selected in accordance with the method of Dr. Edward Bach:

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Star of Bethlehem

I breathe deeply, I let go and feel free. Guiding flower.

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I think deeply, I find the right way and can make it work.

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I recognize my fears, accept them and do not give them power over me.

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I stand on my own feet, I am protected and can step ahead.

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A short story about the soother

David is a dangerous buccaneer, the sandbox and the small tree have been his pirate ship for weeks now. Pluto accompanies him, he is a chef or helmsman, as need would have it.

Today, David has to climb up high on the mast, for hostile boats are approaching. Of course, Pluto can’t come with David, since he’s not a cat. “Ahoy” shouts David from up above, and Pluto waggles his tail. Suddenly – thump! – David’s foot slips off the little branch, he looses his grip and lands in the sand box. Ouch, that hurts! Pluto is immediately on the scene, barking loudly. Mum comes outside and looks at the bruise. “It is not that bad”, she consoles him, “come with me, little pirates”.

She treats the wound with a plaster and fetches a small box with pastilles. “Here, my little sea-devil. These are made from plants which were already known to the pirates of old. They may not be from the sea, but they are Bach flowers. And these soothers take the fright off you as fast as a fresh breeze blows in your sails.”

She tries to wipe off a tear from her son’s cheek. “Mum!” says Max crossly, “pirates don’t cry. These pastille candies are good, but now I have to go and take care of my ship. Come on, Pluto!”

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/2″][vc_column_text css_animation=”fadeInUp”]Dr. Bach flower pastilles for children with sweeteners.
These rasperry-flavoured pastilles are made from Arabic Gum and extracts from original Bach flowers. The selected remedies are particularly suitable for helping children through life’s little ups and downs.

Ingredients: Gelling agent: Gum Arabic, sugar substitute: sorbitol and maltitol, raspberry flavour, acidifier: citric acid; coating agent: vegetable oils and carnauba wax; Bach Flower essences from Larch, Mimulus, Aspen, Star of Bethlehem (0.25%), sweetener: sucralose, colorant: cochineal carmine

Nutritional values: 100g contain: energy 887.9kJ (216.6kcal), protein 2.0g, carbohydrates 44.4g, of which sugar <0.1g, of which polyols 44.4g, fat 0.3g, of which saturated fatty acids <0.1g, fibre 47.3g, sodium 0.02g

Recommended consumption: 1-2 pastilles per hour, if required. May have laxative effects if larger amounts are consumed.

Package contains: 50g (ca. 40 pastilles)[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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