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N°13: gorse

Gorse - Empowering phrase

I free myself from the dark and hold fresh hope.

Gorse - Affirmation

 Leave hopelessness and despair behind and find a light at the end of the tunnel and new vigour.

There seems to be no escaping the hopelessness.

Usually, the personality suffering from this state of mind has been unable to overcome a crisis or illness even after many attempts at a solution or a long period of time. At some point, the person concerned gives up and does not believe in a recovery any longer.

These character types feel a deep-rooted despair and hopelessness. They do not see a way out of their situation. Therefore, it does not seem worthwhile to keep on fighting, accept help of others or hope for recovery.

Those concerned feel exhausted, tired and weak.

This flower is assigned to the emotional group “Uncertainty”.

This is how the flower helps

The gorse helps to find new hope and to be confident that the recovery is imminent. The person starts to believe again that every cloud has a silver lining.

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