N°33: walnut

Walnut - Empowering phrase

I am free, take the next step and start anew.


Leave persuasibility and credulity behind and find self-realization and a fresh start.

It is hard to stay focused on personal goals while embarking on a new path.

When a new beginning is on the horizon and he must leave his comfort zone, this character type is overly susceptible to outside influences, even though he knows his way and where he wants to go.

As he is easily unsettled by unfamiliar situations, he allows others to lead him astray and thus loses sight of his own target.

Those concerned have a hard time breaking their habits and be true to themselves when starting a new phase in life.

This flower is assigned to the emotional group “Over-sensitivity“.

This is how the flower helps

The walnut supports people in following their own instincts instead of other people’s opinions when breaking new grounds.

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