Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Original Bach Flowers by Lemon Pharma?

Glass of water (for short-term usage):
Take two drops of the essence selected (of N°39® 4 drops) in a glass of water and drink slowly.
You may repeat this 3 to 4 times a day.

Mixture (for long-term usage):
Select a maximum of 5 essences.
Put 2 drops of each (4 in case of the N°39®) into a 20ml mixing bottle.
Fill the bottle up with mineral water and a tea spoon of alcohol (e.g. brandy/cognac) to preserve it naturally. Take 4 drops of this mixture 2-3 times per day.
The mixture thus preserved is generally best for three weeks when cooled.

The original Bach Flowers by Lemon Pharma contain 27% vol. certified organic brandy.



Why do the Original Bach Flower essences contain 27% vol. of certified organic brandy?

The preserving character of alcohol is very suitable to keep essences for a longtime. In former times, alcohol was the only way to preserve natural products. That is why Dr. Edward Bach used 27% brandy for his remedies. Lemon Pharma employs certified organic brandy, in order to loyally follow Dr. Bach’s methods and to create a 100% natural product.

How can I be sure I purchase 'original' Bach Flowers?

The description ‘original’ Bach Flowers refers to the traditional manufacturing process, which strictly adheres to the prescriptions made by Dr. Bach. Ready-made remedies can also be called “original” when they follow the Bach method as loyally. Certified organic ingredients are the closest possible to the ones Dr. Bach was always using.

Can I take Original Bach Flowers by Lemon Pharma only in water?

Generally, the essences may be taken with any drink. This can also be tea, coffee and even soft drinks.

How many Bach Flower essences can be used at once?

You should be careful mixing more than five or six essences at once. In case you are new to the Bach Flower method, we recommend you look into our Bach Flower self-test. You can download the app for free or do the test here on our website. The test will provide you with a good tip on which flower remedy may suit your individual situation best.

Are there any side effects?

There are no known side effects of Bach Flowers. They are entirely natural.

When can I expect to see the first results?

The effect is different for everyone, usually, you may expect the results within days. Sometimes it can be weeks.

How long do I take the Bach Flowers?

In order to achieve the best and most durable results, it is recommended to take Bach Flowers over a period of 3 months.