N°20: mimulus

Mimulus - Empowering phrase

I recognize my fears, accept them and do not give them power over me.


Leave a hesitant and fearful approach to daily problems behind and find more confidence and ease.

The fear of awkward situations dominates life.

The personality stuck in this state is afraid of certain occurrences such as being alone, the dark, spiders, crowds or unknown situations. The fear of failure might also play a major part. The cause of the anxiety can always be named.

The character presents itself as faint-hearted and sometimes timid. The fear might manifest itself as an uneasiness, but also grow to become a seemingly unmanageable phobia.

People concerned quite often fear certain events to such an extent that they avoid related situations preventively.

This flower is assigned to the emotional group “Fear and Worry”.

This is how the flower helps

With the assistance of the mimulus, serenity can spread and supersede insecurities. The person picks up courage, feels strong and brave.

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