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N°4: centaury

Centaury - Empowering phrase

I know what I want, I say what I want, I pursue what I want.


Leave the pressure to conform and excessive permissiveness behind and find self-confident expression and self-assertion.

Good-heartedness and helpfulness become an obsession and turn into submissiveness.

People in this state cannot say no. They are always prepared to help when asked for and often do not realize that they are actually completely overburdened.

These characters sacrifice themselves for others to the point of self-abandonment.

Those concerned are often other-directed. To avoid conflicts, they keep their opinion to themselves and bend to other people’s will.

They do not know how to distance themselves from others and lead a life full of submissiveness.

This flower is assigned to the emotional group “Over-sensitivity”.

This is how the flower helps

Owing to the centaury, the own interests and limits can be perceived. Self-determination and willpower are gained by articulating and asserting personal needs.

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