N°38: willow

Willow - Empowering phrase

I decide, take my destiny in my own hands and look forward to happiness.


Leave bitterness and resentment behind to find positive self-responsibility.

Life does not seem to treat you well while all others lead a charmed life.

This character type is notoriously unsatisfied. But instead of tackling his problems, he sees himself as a victim of circumstances. He almost enjoys himself in this role and wallows in self-pity.

The person obsessed with these feelings does not assume responsibility for his own fate but blames others for his dilemma. Bitterly, he surrenders to this misery caused by others.

As in his view, all his fellow men wish him ill, this bitter person treats others with resentment, anger, envy and unfriendliness.

This flower is assigned to the emotional group “Despondency and Despair“.

This is how the flower helps:

The willow helps to become aware of the responsibility for the own well-being. The character concerned will no longer feel aggrieved.

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