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Dr. Bach


In the early 20th century, the English physician developed a therapy based on flowers, trees and spring water. Since then, his flower essences have become known all over the world as Bach Flowers. These remedies are now an integral part of alternative healing methods for the soul and mental balance. Each one of Dr. Bach’s flower remedies can be accurately allocated to a specific mental state, on which it can have a stabilizing and harmonious effect.

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There is no use fighting character flaws. They should rather be turned into something positive. According to Bach, the improvement of the 38 basic symptoms will occur in five steps. First, the weaknesses must be acknowledged. Then, they must be accepted and surrendered to the past.

The appropriate essences are then selected among the 38 Bach Flowers and ingested. You must now return to your life task. Negative behavior can be directed consciously to become character strengths.



To understand Bach, we must learn about his idea of man. On earth, man appears in the form of his personality. It is his fleeting self. The true nature of man consists of his immortal soul. It is the higher self, the everlasting core of every man. Each soul is an indispensable part of the energetic macrocosm. Bach understands creation as a whole. In the grand unity of the universe, everything is interconnected.

All beings and forms of appearance concur in peaceful harmony. They are bound by an energy which Bach sometimes referred to as love or god. Everything strives for harmony. In this universal order, man has his own place, a life task made for him alone. The personality does not know of this higher plan. It is the instrument of the soul, designed to fulfill its life task. With his or her uniqueness, every individual contributes to the harmonious vibes of the entire universe.



The life task does not involve direct instructions. The task of a person consists of the realization of the ideal character traits. These include courage, wisdom, joy or selflessness, for instance.

If these virtues are not implemented by the personality, they change to the contrary and become character flaws. Weaknesses such as hate, envy or egoism count among Bach’s 38 basic illnesses of mankind. These character flaws make the body prone to illnesses.


Like everything else in the universe, man strives for harmony to reach a peaceful state of mind. If the personality follows the striving of the soul and therefore pursues the life task, man enjoys good health and a perfect mental well-being. If the personality does not listen to the soul, everything begins to unravel. The all-embracing harmony is disturbed.

Man’s emotional state worsens at first, then, his body becomes prone to illnesses. Illnesses must therefore be understood as a warning. The personality must be harmonized with the soul again. It is only then that the body can function again, and only then that the universal macrocosm can find its way back to a peaceful harmony.



The disharmony between personality and soul is based on two misunderstandings.

1. Without the guidance of the soul, the personality does not orient itself on its life task, because it thinks itself in part or even entirely independent of the soul. The individual therefore falls victim to the basic illnesses which are character flaws such as imperiousness, lack of self-esteem, hopelessness, aggressiveness or intolerance.

2. Without the guidance of the soul, the personality does not orient itself on the harmony of the greater whole. If the personality is not in balance with the soul, it acts against the unity of the energetic macrocosm. The soul is an essential part of the universal harmony. If the personality imposes its behavior onto other beings, the consequences for the cosmic harmony become all the more dramatic.