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N°25: red chestnut

Red Chestnut - Empowering phrase

I care, I trust and I let go.


Leave excessive sympathy and worries about others behind and find calm easiness and distance.

The worry about others becomes a problem.

People with this character flaw can hardly distance themselves from the problems of their fellow men. They feel such an intense connectedness with the people close to them that their relationships can become almost symbiotic.

This type of person is overly concerned about the well-being of those close to him. He constantly fears that something could happen to them or that they do not feel well.

Those concerned further tend to attach much importance to the worries and problems of others, so that they commiserate and literally feel the pain of others as if it was their own.

This flower is assigned to the emotional group “Fear”.

This is how the flower helps

With the aid of the red chestnut, the character can cut the cord that links him to others. Other people’s problems are no longer valued more highly than the own ones and can be looked at from a healthy distance.

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