N°23: olive

Olive - Empowering phrase

I breathe deeply, stand up straight and feel strong.


Leave burn-out and the lack of energy behind and find new strength for body, mind and soul.

Total exhaustion is taking over, everything seems too much to bear.

The person surrendered to this state feels worn out. He perceives even the daily routine or what is meant to be leisure activities as straining and finds it difficult to get himself to run errands or do anything at all.

Even after a phase of recreation, those concerned still feel tired. It seems impossible to recharge their batteries.

This state often occurs after a period of stress, of emotional strain or a long illness which left them feeling completely burnt out.

This flower is assigned to the emotional group “Lack of Interest”.

This is how the flower helps

Slowly, the olive brings strength and energy back to body and mind. The exhaustion vanishes. Activities are perceived as less and less straining.