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Lemon Pharma also offers all single flower formulas developed by Dr. Bach in the highest organic quality. The essences are manufactured carefully and sustainably as well as in strict adherence to the methods introduced by Dr. Bach. They can be bought as single flower remedies or in a set of 38 Original Bach Flower Remedies. This set is ideal for those who would like to explore the world of Bach Flower Remedies, want to create mixtures themselves or have the entire flower collection at their disposal.


From agrimony (N°1 Agrimony), the flower of truthfulness, to  clematis (N°9 Clematis), the flower of clear thoughts, to hornbeam (N°17 Hornbeam), the flower of vigor, and willow (N°38 Willow), the flower of personal responsibility: you will find all single flower essences of Dr. Bach on these pages. Discover the purpose of every single flower and find your personal blend. If you like, you can also determine your perfect mix using our self-test.