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N°36: wild oat

Wild Oat - empowering phrase

I have an objective, I have a vocation and I see the way.


Leave the lack of plan and overview behind to find recognition, development and a use of your talents.

The own vocation is uncertain, personal talents are not recognized.

This type of person does not perceive his strengths as such, even if he has certain talents and other people think of him as gifted.

If something comes easy to this lost person, he is easily bored and feels not challenged enough. But if he does not succeed in a given area straightaway, he is easily frustrated and thinks of himself as untalented.

These unsatisfactory experiences keep these characters from finding a special task in their lives in spite of their knowledge and abilities. They find self-fulfillment in no life journey.

This flower is assigned to the emotional group “Uncertainty”.

This is how the flower helps

The wild oat fosters the percipience and finally the implementation of personal strengths. Thus, the personality can fulfill its life task.

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