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N°15: holly

Holly - Empowering phrase

I let go of the heat of anger and open my heart for myself and all others.


Leave an upset, annoyed and unloving attitude towards yourself and others behind and find a cheerful and friendly sociability.

The heart is cold and cannot feel love.

As the personality concerned is not susceptible to love, he responds to others with suspicion, jealousy, envy and mistrust. He believes that nobody is well-disposed towards him.

Whoever leads his life like this cannot be hurt but can hardly rejoice either.

These characters are often aggressive and irritable. They easily go up the wall, even though the vis-à-vis does not mean ill. Wherever they appear, they spread fretfulness or even fear.

This flower is assigned to the emotional group “Over-sensitivity”.

This is how the flower helps

The holly helps to feel the attention of others and to be able to accept it. More and more often,  fellow men can be met with friendliness instead of hate or anger.

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