N°27: rock water

Rock Water - Empowering phrase

I am in a flow, I am spontaneous and open to the new.


Leave rigid benchmarks and exaggerated discipline behind and find more openness and ease.

The joy of living succumbs to an excessive self-discipline and dogmatism.

The personality concerned aspires to match a certain ideal. To this end, he strictly adheres to specified behavioral patterns or doctrines.

Those suffering from this character flaw would like to be a role model and a good example for others.

The personality concerned mostly chooses the path of asceticism to reach his ideal. He foregoes treats and pleasures, but also basic needs such as sleep, food, sexuality or recreation.

This flower is assigned to the emotional group “Overcare for Others”.

This is how the flower helps

The rock water makes the personality more open and relaxed. Stubbornness and perfectionism give way to a new spontaneity and lust for life. Personal needs are given the room and importance they need.

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