N°30: sweet chestnut

Sweet Chestnut - Empowering phrase

I see the way, I take the way and turn to the light.


Leave beginning hopelessness and despair behind and find an attempt at a solution and practical action.

The blackest night has arrived. There is no silver lining to be seen.

The person concerned is in absolute despair. Everything is pain, suffering and grief. He has fallen into a deep black hole and has hit rock bottom. There seems to be no escaping this vale of tears.

There is no room for hope. This person is convinced he has no strength left, that he cannot endure the torture anymore. He does not know how to go on and feels doomed.

The pain is creeping into every corner of his soul. Consoling thoughts cannot enter his consciousness.

This flower is assigned to the emotional group “Despondency and Despair”

This is how the flower helps

The sweet chestnut allows the blocked personality to glimpse light at the end of the tunnel, and he can use it as a landmark to find his way out of the dark. This sometimes requires a radical inner change.

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