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Simplicity, Humility, Compassion

This is written on the brass sign at the Bach Centre. Simplicity, humility, compassion. The guiding principle of Dr. Bach and the foundation of his therapy. And it is in this spirit that his work is carried on.

„Some flowers, bushes and wild trees of higher order, because of their high vibration, have the power to raise our own vibrational frequencies to open up the human channels that carry the messages of our spiritual self. They overwhelm our personality virtues we need and so hunt defects that cause our suffering. Just like beautiful music and other great things, due to the inspiration, they can elevate our whole personality and bring us closer to our souls.

So they give us peace and free us from our troubles. They do not cure the direct attack of the disease, but by the fact that our bodies are flooded with beautiful vibrations of our Higher Self that melt disease like snow. There is no real healing without modifying our conceptions of life, peace of soul and inner happiness”

Dr. Edward Bach

Dr. Bach’s own path to therapy began with the development of homeopathic nosodes at the University College Hospital. He assigned each nosode to emotional states of his patients. On this basis, he later developed seven personality types which were then to become type groups, when Bach extended the system. But, Bach continued to research. He wanted to find methods that were not made of bacteria strains. Following an intuition, Bach closed his successful practice in Harley Street in London and moved to the countryside.

In nature, he was looking for replacements for his nosodes. One after the other, he discovered the world-famous flowers. On the basis of his 7 personality types, he developed 38 states of mind, which negative sides are each reflected in a flower. By taking the right essence, the body is able to harmonize the emotional level, which in turn influences the physical symptoms.

“Let not the simplicity of this method deter you from its use, for you will find the further your researches advance, the greater you will realise the simplicity of all Creation.”

Dr. Edward Bach