Dr. Bach Specialties

For many years, Lemon Pharma has been developing exceptional products tailored to particular needs and offering maximum user-friendliness. Discover the innovative administration forms and the ready-to-use Bach Flower combinations for the most typical cases. The essence blends of Lemon Pharma are developed in close cooperation with experts and are carefully manufactured. All Bach Flower articles are produced in strict compliance with the methods and procedures described by Dr. Bach.

Bach Flower chewing gum to go, tasty pastilles full of vitamins and trace elements and Bach Flower dragées in a practical metal can – lemon pharma offers them all for the Bach Flower compositions N°39, N°40, N°41 and N°42. And finally: composition N°43 can be found here. Discover the Flowergum chewing gum with honeydew flavor and the Soother pastilles Lemon Pharma has developed according to their own formula and especially for children.