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N°2: aspen

Aspen - Empowering phrase

I stand on my own feet, I am protected and can step ahead.

Aspen - Affirmation

Leave deep-rooted and irrational fears behind and find a calm basic sense of trust.

Even though there is no need to worry, the next disaster seems to be looming.

The people concerned are haunted by groundless fears; by forebodings without any rational cause. These irrational fears can arise in certain situations or be linked to certain people or places.

In many cases, these forebodings determine the entire life. These character types do not understand where these sorrowful thoughts come from. Irrational fears creep over them and cannot be pushed aside.

This flower is assigned to the emotional group “Fear and Worry”.

This is how the flower helps

Aspen enables these personalities to have a more rational attitude towards seemingly threatening situations and inner fears. The persons concerned can find their inner peace and thus deal with certain situations and continue their life journey with more serenity.