N°1: agrimony

Agrimony – Empowering phrase

I accept what I am, I live what I am, I appreciate what I am.

Agrimony – Affirmation

Leave behind repressed problems and false cheerfulness and find unfeigned and genuine love of life.

Even if there is a thunderstorm raging inside his soul, this character type presents himself to the outside world with a beaming smile.

He is caught in himself and suffers from a permanent imbalance between his true emotional state and the cheerfulness he pretends.

Every distraction comes handy to this person, so that he can avoid dealing with his inner unrest.

Sometimes, drugs or intoxicants are used to ease emotional conflicts or pain.

With a lot of effort, harmony is maintained in every situation. The characters concerned receive dissonant vibes immediately when dealing with other people and can thus avoid any potential conflict.

This flower is assigned to the emotional group “Over-sensitivity”.

This is how the flower helps:

Personal insecurities and gloomy thoughts can be accepted and tackled thanks to the agrimony. The inner tension dissolves, because the need to play carefree disappears.

This essence is contained in the products listed below: