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N°18: impatiens

Impatiens - Empowering phrase

I take my time, I am patient and relaxed.

Impatiens - Affirmation

Leave inner flurry and tension behind and find a balanced daily rhythm.

Quick, quick, there is no time to lose!

The personality in this restless state is very impatient and hectic. The uneasiness is reflected in strained and hasty thinking, acting, moving, talking and reacting. Fellow men can hardly keep up with this speed.

As things cannot happen fast enough for this impatient character, he often feels irritated by others. He cannot understand that other people need or sometimes even consciously take more time than he does.

Due to his rash acting and over-hasty decisions, this person tends to make mistakes which could have been prevented if he had been more considerate.

This flower is assigned to the emotional group “Loneliness”.

This is how the flower helps

Impatiens remedies the uneasiness. Calmness, patience and placidness can spread.

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