N°3: beech

Beech - Empowering phrase

I am friendly to myself, I am friendly to others and let them be the way they are.

Beech - Affirmation

Leave overly critical and self-complacent distance to others behind and find generous and warm-hearted tolerance.

Everything must be criticized. Characters of this type are extremely intolerant towards their fellow men.

Those concerned think that their own perception of the world is the only valid one. Differing ways of life cannot be accepted. They constantly find fault in others.

The lack of acceptance of other people’s behavior is shown in everyday situations but also in the notorious dissatisfaction with the entire world.

People in this state of mind cannot empathize with others and therefore tend to hurt them. The lack of empathy and the constant criticism of the people around often leads to social isolation.

This flower is assigned to the emotional group “Overcare for Others”.

This is how the flower helps:

The beech helps learning to tolerate the behavior and the standpoints of other people.

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