N°9: clematis

Clematis - Empowering phrase

I am perceptive, self-collected and alert.


Leave distracted absentmindedness behind and find an attentive concentration.

Dreaming a life instead of living dreams.

The personality turns to daydreaming to escape the present. The own fantasy paints a much brighter future than reality does.

People concerned seem absent-minded, inattentive and apathetic.

Instead of being present in the here and now, they imagine a different reality. It is often the creative characters who find themselves in this position.

Sometimes, intoxicants help these people escape reality and extend their own imagination. From a physical perspective, they often feel tired and demotivated.

This flower is assigned to the emotional group “Lack of Interest”.

This is how the flower helps

The clematis grounds the personality and brings it back down to earth. Equipped with new drive and vigor, the character can turn fantasies into reality.

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