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Emotional Group


Dr. Bach distinguishes seven emotional groups which 38 Bach Flowers can be assigned to. The Bach Flower Groups categorize the states of character flaws which the Bach Flowers can help to overcome. The first group summarizes emotions of fear and worries.

Fear can present itself in many ways. Feelings of fear can go from underlying nervosity to acute panic attacs. Also, causes and triggers of fears may be very different. Bach knows five flowers which have the power to ease the worries in different states of fear: N°2 AspenN°6 Cherry PlumN°20 MimulusN°25: Red ChestnutN°26: Rock Rose

N°2: Aspen


I stand on my own feet, I am protected and can step ahead.


Leave deep-rooted and irrational fears
and find a calm basic sense of trust

Even though there is no need to worry, the next disaster seems to be looming.

The people concerned are haunted by groundless fears; by forebodings without any rational cause. These irrational fears can arise in certain situations or be linked to certain people or places.

In many cases, these forebodings determine the entire life. These character types do not understand where these sorrowful thoughts come from. Irrational fears creep over them and cannot be pushed aside.

This is how the flower helps

Aspen enables these personalities to have a more rational attitude towards seemingly threatening situations and inner fears. The persons concerned can find their inner peace and thus deal with certain situations and continue their life journey with more serenity.

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N°6: Cherry Plum


I am calm, I open up and take things as they come.

Cherry Plum-Affirmation

Leave a chaos of emotions hard to manage behind and find a balanced and calm state of mind.

Emotions are seething like a volcano about to erupt.

Personalities of this disposition are in constant fear of losing control of their feelings. They push all explosive thoughts aside to prevent emotional releases.

Quite often, those concerned do not fulfil the expectations they have of themselves. This can, for instance, concern social role models, sexual fantasies or fantasies of violence. Many think of themselves or their feelings as deviant and want to block corresponding thoughts.

It is very difficult and straining to keep control of the inner chaos. These characters therefore live in constant fear of losing their nerve or to lose it altogether.

This is how the flower helps 

With the aid of the cherry plum, personal thoughts can be accepted, cleared and eventually controlled. Inner peace and serenity calm the emotions.

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N°20: Mimulus


I recognize my fears, accept them and do not give them power over me.


Leave a hesitant and fearful approach to daily problems behind and find more confidence and ease.

The fear of awkward situations dominates life.

The personality stuck in this state is afraid of certain occurrences such as being alone, the dark, spiders, crowds or unknown situations. The fear of failure might also play a major part. The cause of the anxiety can always be named.

The character presents itself as faint-hearted and sometimes timid. The fear might manifest itself as an uneasiness, but also grow to become a seemingly unmanageable phobia.

People concerned quite often fear certain events to such an extent that they avoid related situations preventively.

This is how the flower helps

With the assistance of the mimulus, serenity can spread and supersede insecurities. The person picks up courage, feels strong and brave.

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N°25: Red Chestnut


I care, I trust and I let go.


Leave excessive sympathy and worries about others behind and find calm easiness and distance.

 The worry about others becomes a problem.

People with this character flaw can hardly distance themselves from the problems of their fellow men. They feel such an intense connectedness with the people close to them that their relationships can become almost symbiotic.

This type of person is overly concerned about the well-being of those close to him. He constantly fears that something could happen to them or that they do not feel well.

Those concerned further tend to attach much importance to the worries and problems of others, so that they commiserate and literally feel the pain of others as if it was their own.

This is how the flower helps

With the aid of the red chestnut, the character can cut the cord that links him to others. Other people’s problems are no longer valued more highly than the own ones and can be looked at from a healthy distance.

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N°25: Rock Rose


I take courage, become calmer and gain confidence in myself.


Leave nervousness and panic reactions behind
and find a composed and deliberate behaviour.

 After a moment of shock, panic has a lock on the entire organism.

Due to unexpected terrible news or an emergency situation, this character gets into an acute anxiety state. For the time being, he cannot free himself from this state of shock.

Panic takes over and dominates the people concerned. The terror paralyzes body and mind.

This is how the flower helps

Thanks to the rock rose, the composure is regained. Those concerned can start to breathe deeply again and come to their senses. They realize that they will overcome the situation. Inner strength and calmness spread throughout their bodies.

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