N°22: oak

Oak - Empowering phrase

I perceive my limits, I respect my limits and this makes me steadfast in every storm.


Leave the permanent overload and grim rigidity behind and find a healthy stability.

The thirst for action and a sense of duty lead to grimness and culminate in exhaustion.

If the personality reaches this state, he can no longer perceive the boundaries of his strength. He keeps on drudging tirelessly and cannot stop. Believing that it is his duty to function like a machine, he never rests.

Others admire this character type for his tirelessness, his productivity and his efficiency. But he does not notice at which point he overstrains. So he often extends himself and sometimes reaches a state of utter exhaustion.

This flower is assigned to the emotional group “Despondency and Despair”.

This is how the flower helps

The oak provides the ability to pace oneself. Important items on the to-do list can be distinguished from not important ones, the sense of duty recovers.

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