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N°8: chicory

Chicory - Empowering phrase

I feel the calmness and the love inside me.


Leave the calculated and suffocating solicitude behind and find selfless and respectful attention.

Love and affection serve as tools to tie other people to oneself.

In this condition, the personality is very possessive and overbearing. Characters concerned lavish other people with care but do so out of pure calculation: they expect excessive thankfulness and admiration in return.

Those concerned often intrude themselves into other people’s affairs. They give unsolicited advice and force their help onto others in order to create an emotional dependency.

If the vis-à-vis does not react with the gratefulness and affection they have hoped for, characters in this condition often perceive this as unfair and wallow in self-pity.

This flower is assigned to the emotional group “Overcare for others”.

This is how the flower helps: 

With the aid of the chicory, love is given to the extent it is perceived. Affection and helpfulness are no longer forced onto others in an overwhelming fashion.

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