N°34: water violet

Water Violet - Empowering phrase

I am a part of this world, connected to it and feel embraced by it.


Leave the position of retreat and isolation behind and find emotional closeness and amicable relationship.

The lonely wolf roams through the forests and lets nobody get close.

This character type isolates himself from his fellow men and often acts taciturn, reserved or dismissive. Others cannot get through to him. For the personality concerned, it is of utmost important to keep his personal freedom and independence.

Instead of looking for an exchange with others, this excluded person rather solves his issues by himself. He often feels left out of interpersonal situations or even as an eccentric. And yet he would love to leave his social isolation sometimes.

This flower is assigned to the emotional group “Loneliness”.

This is how the flower helps

Water Violet strengthens the feeling of being related to others. The personality can build amicable relationships without believing his inner freedom is in danger.

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