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N°32: vine

Vine - Empowering phrase

I respect others and pursue my way for the benefit of all.


Leave reckless and overbearing actions behind and find respect and tolerance towards others.

Communication means having the last word, giving instructions rather than taking them – and not allowing backtalk.

People whose personality is blocked in this way are extraordinarily self-assured, power-obsessed and dominant. They think they are always right and therefore expect others to obey to their will.

In this state, the personality wants to be in charge at all costs. The opinion of others does not count.

If the vis-à-vis does not submit himself, these character types become angry. They can hardly accept that sometimes, authority is wielded by somebody else.

This flower is assigned to the emotional group “Overcare for Others”.

This is how the flower helps

The vine provides the personality with more respect and goodwill towards the fellow men. The striving for authority and claim to power will ease.

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