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N°21: mustard

Mustard - Empowering phrase

I open up to the light and let it guide me through the day.


Leave world weariness, avolition and melancholy behind and find more optimism and inner stability.

Heavy rain clouds darken the mind.

In this state, the personality feels a deep sadness and hopelessness the cause of which he does not know.

Melancholy and bleakness suffocate the everyday life. The body becomes tired and heavy, the person concerned feels listless and jaded.

The duration of this state can vary, but it is always temporary. This certainty is, however, of little consolation to the desperate person concerned. Just as he cannot figure out the reason for his melancholy, he does not see the way out of the emotional pain he is suffering.

This flower is assigned to the emotional group “Lack of Interest”.

This is how the flower helps

The mustard slowly clears up the sky. The mind becomes more stable, optimism and even cheeriness fight their way through the storm front.

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