N°28: Scleranthus

Scleranthus - Empowering phrase

I am steadfast, balanced and ready to go forward.

Scleranthus - Affirmation

Leave frequent mood swings and the inability to make decisions behind and find deliberateness and clear targets.

Life is dominated by inconstancy, mercuriality and indecisiveness.

Characters in this condition find it hard to make decisions and to find out what they really want in life.

They are constantly afraid of making an unfavorable decision and thus lose the opportunity to choose a better option.


Dies zeigt sich sowohl in ganz alltäglichen Belangen als auch in weitreichenderen Entscheidungen und den großen Fragen des Lebens.

Diese Charaktertypen ändern ständig ihre Meinung und zeigen sich auch in ihren Gemütsstimmungen sehr launenhaft.

Diese Blüte wird in die Gefühlsgruppe „Unsicherheit“ eingeordnet.

This is how the flower helps

The scleranthus helps to find balance and inner peace. A decision for one option is no longer perceived as a decision against something else. Eventually, the fear of missing out fades away.


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