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N°31: vervain

Vervain - Empowering phrase

I am enthusiastic, but not blind, I am determined, but not inflexible.


Leave overeagerness and self-sacrifice behind and find healthy enthusiasm and dedication.

Full of excitement and vigor, people with this character flaw want to change the world for the better. In fear of missing out, they rush from one project to the next.

They are always fully committed and expect others to be just as dedicated and enthusiastic.

Others cannot keep up with them. And even those concerned often exhaust themselves with this overeagerness and excessive enthusiasm.

This flower is assigned to the emotional group “Overcare for Others”.

This is how the flower helps

Vervain helps to understand the limits of the personal capacity. Fanaticism becomes the healthy ambition to change the world for the better while respecting the limits of the own resilience.

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