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N°12: gentian

Gentian - Empowering phrase

I am relaxed, I believe and I am full of confidence.

Gentian - Affirmation

Leave a lack of enthusiasm and confidence behind and find a motivated and optimistic attitude.

Everything seems to be doomed to failure.

Persons concerned do not even want to try their luck to avoid being disappointed. This pessimistic attitude leads to them indeed failing quite often.

It is therefore not surprising that the people concerned have little trust in their own abilities.

Characters in this state of mind are easy to discourage. If they fall, they stay down instead of getting back on their feet again and looking ahead. Their low frustration tolerance lets them walk through life with a negative attitude and always expect the worst.

This flower is assigned to the emotional group “Uncertainty”.

This is how the flower helps

After a failure has been experienced, the Gentian helps the person concerned to gain new strength and the ability to carry on sanguinely. The attitude towards life becomes more optimistic. The future and personal abilities are assessed more positively than before.