N°5: cerato

Cerato - Empowering phrase

I am confident, my judgement is clear and I make my own decisions.


Leave insecurity and fickleness behind and find confidence in your own intuition and decisive action.

The mind does not listen to the gut feeling, but rather to other people’s opinion.
These blocked characters do not trust their intuition and question every single decision they make. Instead of relying on their judgement, they follow the advice of their fellow men. They are plagued by lingering doubts about their own knowledge.

Permanently doubting their own knowledge, these character types constantly worry about making wrong decisions. They do not have enough self-esteem to feel secure about their own judgement.

Even in the most unimportant matters, those concerned ask others for advice. In doing so, they are easily influenced by others and do not act according to their own convictions.

This flower is assigned to the emotional group “Uncertainty”.

This is how the flower helps

The cerato strengthens the confidence in own decisions. The mind learns to listen to intuition and is no longer reliant on the reassurance of others.

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