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Flowers according to the 7 groups

Dr. Bach distinguishes 7 emotional groups, among which the 38 flower essences can be divided. These groups categorize states of weaknesses, which can be overcome with the help of Bach Flowers.


The first group summarizes emotions of fear and worries.
Fear can present itself in many ways. Feelings of fear can go from underlying nervosity to acute panic attacs. Also, causes and triggers of fears may be very different. Bach knows five flowers which have the power to ease the worries in different states of fear: N°2 AspenN°6 Cherry PlumN°20 MimulusN°25: Red ChestnutN°26: Rock Rose

The second group Inconstancy, irresolution, hesitancy and a low frustration tolerance are just some of the character traits in which uncertainty can be manifested. Thanks to the support of six Bach Flowers, the insecure and sometimes even shy personality picks up courage and self-confidence: N°5: CeratoN°12: GentianN°13: GorseN°17: Hornbeam, N°28: ScleranthusN°36: Wild Oat

The third group comprises feelings of lack of interest.
Various causes can lead to a person remaining mentally stuck in the past or dreaming himself away into a glorious future instead of living in the present. Seven Bach Flowers help the personality to gain more mindfulness and raise the interest and attention for the here and now: N°7: Chestnut BudN°9: Clematis, N°16: Honeysuckle, N°21: MustardN°23: OliveN°35: White ChestnutN°37: Wild Rose

The fourth group comprises feelings of loneliness.
Feelings of loneliness and isolation can be reflected in many different ways of behavior. The reasons why a personality feels alone and cut off from the outside world are just as manifold as the consequences thereof. Dr. Bach recommends three flowers which strengthen the feeling of connectedness with others: N°14: Heather, N°18: ImpatiensN°34: Water Violet

The fifth group comprises feelings of over-sensitivity.
Personalities in this state are extremely sensitive to beliefs, ideas and moods of others. For various reasons, they tend to be overly susceptible to the feelings and impacts of others and allow external influences to guide them. Four Bach Flowers help to increase the focus on own strengths and needs: N°1: AgrimonyN°4: CentauryN°15: HollyN°33: Walnut

The sixth group comprises feelings of despondency and despair.
Despondency and pain of various types are plaguing the personality. Bach does not only consider the forms in which pain and despondency can affect the character. He also describes possible causes for the misery and the despair. He finds eight flowers able to soothe the emotional suffering: N°10: Crab AppleN°11: ElmN°19: Larch, N°22: Oak, N°24: Pine, N°29: Star of BethlehemN°30: Sweet ChestnutN°38: Willow

The seventh group comprises feelings of overcare for others.
Personalities in this group tie their own well-being to that of others. An excessive commitment or compassion for others or the interference in other people’s way of life can become a burden for the own life. Seven Bach Flowers strengthen the perception of the own well-being: N°3: BeechN°8: ChicoryN°27: Rock WaterN°31: VervainN°32: Vine