Dr. Bach



The training programme by Lemon Pharma for Original Bach Flower therapy was set up in 2016 by a Bach Flower Competence Team led by Remko Smaak (Bach Flower therapist), pharmacists and natural healers.

More than 35 workshops with 35 participants on average have already been conducted. A close connection to many national and international Bach Flower therapists ensures a high training intensity and quality.

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Dr. Bach


LP Dr. Bach Academy Switzerland
LP Dr. Bach Academy Germany

Kieshecker Weg 148
40468 Duesseldorf

LP Dr. Bach Academy France

25, rue de Blois
41230 Soings-en Sologne

LP Dr. Bach Academy Benelux
Dr. Bach


When you are looking for a Bach Flower expert, please follow this link for holistic therapists all over the world who work with Bach Flowers. This list is not connected to the offers and services of Lemon Pharma GmbH & Co KG and the therapists listed there may use other Bach Flowers than the Original essences provided by Lemon Pharma.

Are you a therapist and you work with Original Bach Flowers by Lemon Pharma? Please notify us, we would like to add you to the list of recommendations.
Are you a therapist and you would like to know more about Original Bach Flowers by Lemon Pharma? Please contact us, we will be delighted to present our products to you.