Emotional group

Overcare for Others

Dr. Bach distinguishes seven emotional groups which 38 Bach Flowers can be assigned to. The Bach Flower Groups categorize the states of character flaws which the Bach Flowers can help to overcome. The seventh group comprises feelings of overcare for others.

Personalities in this group tie their own well-being to that of others. An excessive commitment or compassion for others or the interference in other people’s way of life can become a burden for the own life. Seven Bach Flowers strengthen the perception of the own well-being: N°3: BeechN°8: ChicoryN°27: Rock WaterN°31: VervainN°32: Vine

N°3: Beech

Beech Rotbuche Nr 3 Überbordende Sorge um andere Lemon Pharma Original Bachblüten Dr. Bach
Beech - Empowering phrase

I am friendly to myself, I am friendly to others and let them be the way they are.

Beech - Affirmation

Leave overly critical and self-complacent distance to others behind and find generous and warm-hearted tolerance.

Everything must be criticized. Characters of this type are extremely intolerant towards their fellow men.

Those concerned think that their own perception of the world is the only valid one. Differing ways of life cannot be accepted. They constantly find fault in others.

The lack of acceptance of other people’s behavior is shown in everyday situations, but also in their notorious dissatisfaction with the entire world.

People in this state of mind cannot empathize with others and therefore tend to hurt them. The lack of empathy and the constant criticism of the people around often leads to social isolation.

This is how the flower helps:

The beech helps learning to tolerate the behavior and the standpoints of other people.

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N°8: Chicory

Nr 8 Chicory Wegwarte Überbordende Sorge um Andere Lemon Pharma Original Bachblüten Dr. Bach
Chicory - Empowering phrase

I feel the calmness and the love inside me.

Chicory - Affirmation

Leave the calculated and suffocating solicitude behind and find selfless and respectful attention.

Love and affection serve as tools to tie other people to oneself.

In this condition, the personality is very possessive and overbearing. Characters concerned lavish other people with care but do so out of pure calculation: they expect excessive thankfulness and admiration in return.

Those concerned often intrude themselves into other people’s affairs. They give unsolicited advice and force their help onto others in order to create an emotional dependency.

If the vis-à-vis does not react with the gratefulness and affection they have hoped for, characters in this condition often perceive this as unfair and wallow in self-pity.

This is how the flower helps: 

With the aid of the chicory, love is given to the extent it is perceived. Affection and helpfulness are no longer forced onto others in an overwhelming fashion.

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N°27: Rock Water

Rock Water
Nr 27 Rock Water Heilkräftiges Quellwasser Überbordende Sorge um Andere Lemon Pharma Original Bachblüten Dr. Bach
Rock Water - Empowering phrase

I am in a flow, I am spontaneous and open to the new.

Rock Water - Affirmation

Leave rigid benchmarks and exaggerated discipline behind and find more openness and ease.

The joy of living succumbs to an excessive self-discipline and dogmatism.

The personality concerned aspires to match a certain ideal. To this end, the person strictly adheres to specified behavioral patterns or doctrines.

Those suffering from this character flaw would like to be a role model and a good example for others.

The personality concerned mostly chooses the path of asceticism to reach his ideal. He foregoes treats and pleasures, but also basic needs such as sleep, food, sexuality or recreation.

This is how the flower helps

The rock water makes the personality more open and relaxed. Stubbornness and perfectionism give way to a new spontaneity and lust for life. Personal needs are given the room and importance they need.

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N°31: Vervain

Nr 31 Vervain Eisenkraut Überbordende Sorge um Andere Lemon Pharma Original Bachblüten Dr. Bach
Vervain - Empowering phrase

I am enthusiastic, but not blind, I am determined, but not inflexible.

Vervain - Affirmation

Leave overeagerness and self-sacrifice behind and find healthy enthusiasm and dedication.

Full of excitement and vigor, people with this character flaw want to change the world for the better. In fear of missing out, they rush from one project to the next.

They are always fully committed and expect others to be just as dedicated and enthusiastic.

Others cannot keep up with them. And even those concerned often exhaust themselves with this overeagerness and excessive enthusiasm.

This is how the flower helps

Vervain helps to understand the limits of the personal capacity. Fanaticism becomes the healthy ambition to change the world for the better while respecting the limits of the own resilience.

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N°32: Vine

Nr 32 Vine Weinrebe Überbordende Sorge um Andere Lemon Pharma Original Bachblüten Dr. Bach
Vine - Empowering phrase

I respect others and pursue my way for the benefit of all.

Vine - Affirmation

Leave reckless and overbearing actions behind and find respect and tolerance towards others.

Communication means having the last word, giving instructions rather than taking them – and not allowing backtalk.

People whose personality is blocked in this way are extraordinarily self-assured, power-obsessed and dominant. They think they are always right and therefore expect others to obey to their will.

In this state, the personality wants to be in charge at all costs. The opinion of others does not count.

If the vis-à-vis does not submit himself, these character types become angry. They can hardly accept that sometimes, authority is wielded by somebody else.

This is how the flower helps

The vine provides the personality with more respect and goodwill towards the fellow men. The striving for authority and claim to power will ease.

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