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Dr. Bach distinguishes seven emotional groups which 38 Bach Flowers can be assigned to. The Bach Flower Groups categorize the states of character flaws which the Bach Flowers can help to overcome. The third group comprises feelings of lack of interest.

Various causes can lead to a person remaining mentally stuck in the past or dreaming himself away into a glorious future instead of living in the present. Seven Bach Flowers help the personality to gain more mindfulness and raise the interest and attention for the here and now: N°7: Chestnut BudN°9: Clematis, N°16: Honeysuckle, N°21: MustardN°23: OliveN°35: White ChestnutN°37: Wild Rose

N°7: Chestnut Bud

Knospe der Rosskastanie
Chestnut Bud Knosper der Rosskastanie Desinteresse an der Gegenwart Lemon Pharma Original Bachblüten

I am perceptive, attentive and able to make headway.


Leave repetitive errors behind and find a gain in knowledge and experience.

Not everyone learns from their mistakes.

These blocked characters do not draw on experience to better cope with future challenges and therefore make the same mistake more than once.

People in this condition are stuck in their pattern of behavior.

Even if they have managed to get out of a difficult situation, they tend to find themselves back in the same position soon after.

These characters tend to ignore experiences and knowledge. They rush on instead of contemplating the present or the past.

These persons find it difficult to focus and to reflect on their own behavior.

This is how the flower helps

The chestnut bud strengthens the awareness of the moment and the inner mindfulness. Experiences are drawn upon for an evaluation of new situations.

N°9: Clematis

weiße Waldrebe
Nr 9 Clematis Weisse Waldrebe Desinteresse an der Gegenwart Lemon Pharma Original Bachblüten Dr. Bach

I am perceptive, self-collected and alert.


Leave distracted absentmindedness behind and find an attentive concentration.

Dreaming your life instead of living your dreams.

The personality turns to daydreaming to escape the present. The own fantasy paints a much brighter future than reality does.

People concerned seem absent-minded, inattentive and apathetic.

Instead of being present in the here and now, they imagine a different reality. It is often the creative characters who find themselves in this position.

Sometimes, intoxicants help these people escape reality and extend their own imagination. From a physical perspective, they often feel tired and demotivated.

This is how the flower helps

The clematis grounds the personality and brings it back down to earth. Equipped with new drive and vigor, the character can turn fantasies into reality.

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N°16: Honeysuckle

Nr 16 Honeysuckle Geissblatt Desinteresse an der Gegenwart Lemon Pharma Original Bachblüten Dr. Bach

I let go of the past and see the beauty in today.


Leave being blocked by hanging on to the past behind and find concentration and happiness in the here and now.

The past is more current than the present.

If the personality is in this state, he cannot let go of the past. He often wishes himself back in time. Here and now seems less livable than yesterday.

At times, negative memories prevent those concerned from letting bygones be bygones.

Bygone pain is being relived over and over again and cannot be replaced by current events.

These characters prefer staying locked into past times to experiencing the present consciously and shaping life actively. They are often absent-minded, blocked and incapable of acting.

This is how the flower helps

The honeysuckle helps to rule off the past. Things that have happened are not forgotten, but life is here and now.

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N°21: Mustard

Wilder Senf
Nr 21 Mustard Wilder Senf Desinteresse an der Gegenwart Lemon Pharma Original Bachblüten Dr. Bach

I open up to the light and let it guide me through the day.


Leave world weariness, avolition and melancholy behind and find more optimism and inner stability

Heavy rain clouds darken the mind.

In this state, the personality feels a deep sadness and hopelessness the cause of which he does not know.

Melancholy and bleakness define everyday life. The body becomes tired and heavy, the person concerned feels listless and jaded.

The duration of this state can vary, but it is always temporary. This certainty is, however, of little consolation to the desperate person concerned. Just as he cannot figure out the reason for his melancholy, he does not see the way out of the emotional pain he is suffering.

This is how the flower helps

The mustard slowly clears up the sky. The mind becomes more stable, optimism and even cheeriness fight their way through the storm front.

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N°23: Olive

Nr 23 Olive Desinteresse an der Gegenwart Lemon Pharma Original Bachblüten Dr. Bach

I breathe deeply, stand up straight and feel strong.


Leave burn-out and the lack of energy behind and find new strength for body, mind and soul.

Total exhaustion is taking over, everything seems too much to bear.

The person surrendered to this state feels worn out. He perceives even the daily routine or what is meant to be leisure activities as straining and finds it difficult to get himself to run errands or do anything at all.

Even after a phase of recreation, those concerned still feel tired. It seems impossible to recharge their batteries.

This state often occurs after a period of stress, of emotional strain or a long illness which left them feeling completely burnt out.

This is how the flower helps

Slowly, the olive brings strength and energy back to body and mind. The exhaustion vanishes. Activities are perceived as less and less straining.

N°35: White Chestnut

Nr 35 White Chestnut Weisse Kastanie Desinteresse an der Gegenwart Lemon Pharma Original Bachblüten Dr. Bach

I calm down, I am at one with myself and my mind is clear and awake.


Leave behind the thoughts going in circles incessantly and find a clear and structured mind.

The thoughts go round in circles incessantly and it is impossible to focus.

Constantly, this person’s mind is concerned with one particular occurrence, and he cannot stop thinking about it. He is taken over by his considerations and can barely find peace of mind.

Other people often perceive this person as unobserving. He really is rarely in the moment, but is often stuck deep in thought about a past experience or a possible future event.

It is not seldom that this blocked personality lacks vigor because he prefers overthinking to putting things into practice.

This is how the flower helps

The white chestnut helps to put the mind at rest. The personality concerned gains a clear and flexible mind.

N°37: Wild Rose

Nr 37 Wild Rose Heckenrose Desinteresse an der Gegenwart Lemon Pharma Original Bachblüten Dr. Bach

I am wide awake, I am in good spirits and enjoying the day.


Leave anxiety about the future and apathy behind and find interest, curiosity and entrepreneurial spirit.

Dissatisfaction makes this character type lose his lust for life and leads to an emotional halt.

In this condition, the personality has lost every joy in life. A crisis might, but does not have to be the cause.

The general feeling of bleakness is not expressed as sadness or despair.

It rather manifests itself in apathy and lethargy. Nothing seems meaningful to the one concerned.

People suffering from this blockade do no longer participate in life. Indifferent and disinterested, they give in to their dissatisfaction instead of changing their situation. They have given up and are emotionally disconnected.

This is how the flower helps

The wild rose helps you find a new meaning in life. Emotions can be sensed again, the spirit is open to new experiences.