N°11 Elm

Flower of inner harmony

Liquid drops with original flower essence Agrimony by Dr. Bach
I am at one with myself, I feel good and well balanced.

Leave excessive demands and the fear to fail behind
and find more creative enthusiasm and healthy balance.
Associated zodiac sign
Twins (21.05. – 21.06.) 
Emotional group (code VI)
Despondency and despair


Content: 20ml

Having worked with sleeves rolled up a minute ago, now at the end of one’s tether.

It is often particularly strong, hands-on and performance-oriented characters which find themselves in this state realizing that they have reached their limits of capacity. They are so full of vigor that they lose track of the limitations of their capacities.

The characters concerned like to take on responsibilities and expect much of themselves. When reaching their personal performance limit, though, they start questioning their potential and doubt their abilities.

This state, however, is only short-lived. This personality type is capable of getting back on his feet quickly and start anew.

This is how the flower helps

Owing to the elm, it is easier to control the own abilities. Fears of failure are diminished, sometimes, responsibility is passed on.

Recommended consumption: Take three to four drops with a glass of water in sips or undiluted directly onto the tongue.

Ingredients: Brandy* (27% Vol.), water, original Bach Flower essence Elm

*from certified organic farming

Nutrition table:

Nutritionper 100 g
Energy468,8 kJ / 112 kcal