N°6 Cherry Plum

Flower of relaxation

Liquid drops with original flower essence Cherry Plum by Dr. Bach,
in organic quality

Empowering phrase
I am calm, I open up and take things as they come.
Leave a chaos of emotions hard to manage behind
and find a balanced and calm state of mind.
Associated zodiac sign
Scorpio (24.10. – 22.11.) 
Emotional group (code I) 
Fear and concern

Content: 20ml

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Nr 6 Cherry Plum Kirschpflaume Angst und Sorge Lemon Pharma Original Bachblüten Dr. Bach

Emotions are seething like a volcano about to erupt.

Personalities of this disposition are in constant fear of losing control of their feelings. They push all explosive thoughts aside to prevent emotional releases.

Quite often, those concerned do not fulfil the expectations they have of themselves. This can, for instance, concern social role models, sexual fantasies or fantasies of violence. Many think of themselves or their feelings as deviant and want to block corresponding thoughts.

It is very difficult and straining to keep control of the inner chaos. These characters therefore live in constant fear of losing their nerve or to lose it altogether.

This is how the flower helps

With the aid of the cherry plum, personal thoughts can be accepted, cleared and eventually controlled. Inner peace and serenity calm the emotions.

Recommended consumption: Take three to four drops with a glass of water in sips or undiluted directly onto the tongue.

Ingredients: Brandy* (27% Vol.), water, original Bach Flower essence cherry plum

*from certified organic farming

Nutrition table:

Nutrition per 100 g
Energy 468,8 kJ / 112 kcal