N°37 Wild Rose

Flower of joy of life

Liquid drops with original flower essence Agrimony by Dr. Bach
I am wide awake, I am in good spirits and enjoying the day.

Leave anxiety about the future and apathy behind
and find interest, curiosity and entrepreneurial spirit.
Associated zodiac sign
Fishes (20.02. – 20.03.)
Emotional group (code III)
Lack of interest in the present 

Content: 20ml

Dissatisfaction makes this character type lose his lust for life and leads to an emotional halt.

In this condition, the personality has lost every joy in life. A crisis might, but does not have to be the cause.

The general feeling of bleakness is not expressed as sadness or despair.

It rather manifests itself in apathy and lethargy. Nothing seems meaningful to the one concerned.

People suffering from this blockade do no longer participate in life. Indifferent and disinterested, they give in to their dissatisfaction instead of changing their situation. They have given up and are emotionally disconnected.

This is how the flower helps

The wild rose helps you find a new meaning in life. Emotions can be sensed again, the spirit is open to new experiences.

Recommended consumption: Take three to four drops with a glass of water in sips or undiluted directly onto the tongue.

Ingredients: Brandy* (27% Vol.), water, original Bach Flower essence Wild Rose

*from certified organic farming

Nutrition table:

Nutritionper 100 g
Energy468,8 kJ / 112 kcal